Our mission is to advocate for the right of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to be regarded as valued citizens with the same entitlements as non-disabled individuals, including the right to lifelong opportunities for personal growth and full participation in the community.


Download the PDF (See VOLUNTEER DOCS), or see below.

Office Oversight Assistant: This position is flexible in relation to volunteers skill set. The position will entail a variety of tasks depending on current project deadlines. Responsibilities may include answering phones and other administrative tasks. This position helps to extend the resources of ARC Rutland Area to better assist and direct the needs of our clients and the community. • Outreach and Marketing: Identifying, designing and initiating media and marketing programs that will assist us in our effort to expand our services and grow our membership.

Grant Writers: Assistance in identifying and writing grants. Foundation and private funding is paramount to our future sustainability.

Advisors, Mentors & Support Persons:
– Weekly In-house Programs & Activities: Skills, Learning, Advocacy and Creative Projects
– SABE-R Self Advocates Club: Support group meeting, activities and community events. Assist with identifying individual and group goals, tasks and strategies. Initiate strategic action plans accordingly. SABE-R Club meets at CAP Health and Wellness Center from 6:30 to 8pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
– AKtion Club: Kiwanis-Family Member. Mentors and advisors to adults living with disabilities. AKtion Club members learn and exercise leadership skills while supporting our community. AKtion Club meets at the Godnick Center from 6:30pm to 8pm on the 4th Tuesday of each month.

Petition Project Leaders: ( Aug – Nov ) We need assistance with gathering town funding petition signatures. Most Rutland County Towns require petitions for placement of ARC funding on voting ballots. Evenings and Saturday mornings seem to work the best.


    Please download the criminal background check form (See VOLUNTEER DOCS), complete and mail or drop off.

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