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Newspaper Articles:

Rutland Herald article published Feb. 12, 2024  Gallery: ARC Rutland Area shows the love Photos by

Rutland Herald article published December 1, 2023  ARC Rutland Area Celebrates 65 Years by Sophia Buckley-Clement Staff Writer

Rutland Herald article published May 15, 2015  Rutland upRising: ARC: Valuing All Citizens by Joanna Tebbs Young


Recent Press Releases:

December 28, 2023 ARC AKtion Club and SABE-R Group Donate to The Boys and Girls Club

December 21, 2023  ARC Thank You to 2023 ARC Holiday Dinner Dance Sponsors and Volunteers.

History of ARC Rutland Area:

ARC was founded in January 1956, (originally named Rutland Association for Retarded Children, Inc.), through the efforts of the Wing and Costello families with the goal to create and provide an educational form for children with developmental disabilities. Meetings were first held at the College of St. Joseph.  In December 1958, the organization was granted its 501 (c) (3) status.
  • 98 Merchants Row, Opera House was the address
  • 20 Members


Without our local ARC, school integration would not have taken place as soon as it did.  Many names from our past include: Judge Francis McCaffrey, Mrs. Mee, Dr. Victor & Dot Pisanelli Sr., Mr. Murry, Ms. Booth, Tom Chesley, Bill Evans, the Russell’s and the Welk’s.  During the 1970’s there were also many parent-teacher meetings.

  • 1977 name changed to: Rutland Association for Retarded Citizens, Inc.
  • 1979 name changed to: Assoc. For Retarded Citizens- Rutland County
  • ARC offered Dances
  • ARC was given a house?


By the 1980’s children with developmental disabilities were going to public schools.  However, the children were still segregated from the rest of their classmates.  Also, for some time, there were family ARC monthly meetings ran by parents.

  • 1987 Christmas news clipping mentions providing Bowling, Dances & Dinners
  • 1989: Total Income was $62,892. Total Expenses were $61,580
  • ARC offered Representative Payee Program?
  • ARC sold the house?


In the 1990’s integration overcame segregation.  To date it is common in schools to see a person with developmental disabilities partaking in both learning from his/her peers and teaching his/her peers.

  • 1993 name changed to: Rutland County – ARC
  • 1994 Sue Hansen was hired as Executive Director
  • 1995 hired an outside accountant
  • 1995 name changed to: Assoc. For Retarded Citizens – Rutland Area
  • 1998 Total Income was 54,636. Total Expenses were $59,402.
  • ARC continued to provide dances and the representative payee program throughout the year.
  • 1997 the Self Advocates Becoming Empowered – Rutland group started
  • 1998 Lisa Lynch was hired as Executive Director
  • ARC VT and Champlain closed, lack of board members / funding
  • Helped Organize the Rutland Family Support Network
  • ARC bookkeeping became fully computerized


During the first decade of 2000, ARC built an advocacy movement, such that parents and individuals with developmental disabilities have the resources and skills to advocate for their needs by contacting; ARC, their Developmental Agency, their legislators, or their congressmen.  As well as learning how to give back to their community.

  • 2000 the 5311 transportation grant started; The Bus, Another Way Out, BROC
  • 2001 Registered trade name: d/b/a ARC-Rutland Area
  • 2001 started Rutland Family Support Network grant through CUPs& VFN
  • 2004 the Arc requested ARC-Rutland Area cease and desist use of Arc name.
  • ARC continued Rep Payee, Dances and Self Advocacy group and new RFSN
  • 2006 Rutland County Sheriff’s Dept. began supporting the Self Advocates yearly Car Wash
  • 2007 the AKtion Club with Kiwanis was chartered.
  • 2009 Total Income was $80,041. Total Expenses were $73,206.
  • United Way encourages us to add more towns on for funding and to fundraise
  • Added the Maggie Pak Membership Achievement Award


2010-2019 ARC began focusing on Impacts, making sure the work that is being done is impacting the lives of their members and the community at large for the better.

  • 2013 name changed to: ARC Rutland Area
  • ARC looks into bridging members into the community
  • Began writing grants as part of the main funding stream
  • Computerized Payee program
  • Social Security suggested and ARC hired on third person in office to separate Payee roles
  • 2017 Budget Income was $80,040. Total Expenses were $88,236.
  • Change in Executive Director after 20 years, 1/3 of ARC’s lifespan.


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