Our mission is to advocate for the right of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to be regarded as valued citizens with the same entitlements as non-disabled individuals, including the right to lifelong opportunities for personal growth and full participation in the community.

ARC Rutland Monthly Activities

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ARC Rutland Area’s June 2019 Activities

* Every Tuesday/Adaptive Fitness and Thursday/Game on! @ Fitness Made Fun!

with VT Adaptive Staff 3:30 PM.  Come Play. Stay Active. Be Well!

Are you going? Are you Moving?


*Tuesday, June 11th: Self Advocates meeting, 6:30 pm at the Education and Wellness Center.

*Tuesday, June 18th:  Board of directors’ meeting, 6:00pm at the ARC office.

*Tuesday, June 25th : Aktion club meeting, 6:30pm at the Godnick Center.


*Saturday June 15th:  Relay for Life at the Rutland Fair Grounds.  Join the Aktion club in their fight against cancer!

*Sunday June 23rd:  Spring Fling at the Godnick Center, 1-4pm.  Join us for music, food, and fun!

*Saturday June 29th:  Self Advocates bake sale in front of Walmart, 10-2pm.

Need transportation to one of these events?  Give ARC a call at least 24 hours in advance!

ARC’s 2019 Memberships are now payable!  Remember that you MUST have current membership to apply for the Maggie Pak Award in the fall!

Call 775-1370 for a ride or current info.

Or go to our website at:  www.arcrutlandarea.org





Disability Awareness Day at the Vermont State House*  Support the Self Advocacy Group.
*  Support the Rutland Family Support Network (RFSN).
*  Educate People with Developmental Disabilities about legislation and programs so they can advocate for their needs.
*  Advocate for needs of people with developmental disabilities through the service systems.
*  Advocate for transportation needs.


Building a circle of support.*  We use the RFSN listserv to query services requested by individuals AND to inform people about workshops, trainings, etc.
*  We connect people in our community with brochures and resources about programs that can assist them.
*  We attend United Way functions & events.
*  Additional resources provided include, assistance finding a personal care attendant or respite-provider, facilitating the Rutland Family Support Network, hosting monthly support potlucks, Sibshops,and guidance on how to build a circle of support.


We garden! *  We provide Representative Payee Services- people live in the community, we care for their shelter, clothing and food.
*  We host six events a year. These events include dances and parties.
*  We encourage people with disabilities to create their Circle of Support
*  We provide the local media with a listing of all events and maintain a calendar.
*  We provide transportation to our events